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This seem to be someone who wants people to troll the kinkmeme? I think?
(screened comment)

maybe troll/spam/intentional wank discussion starting

From: (Anonymous)
doesn't look like it yet, but is similar to comments that have started things in the past so just something to maybe keep an eye on:
Post is at 5k.

Really not sure about this whole thread, grateful if mods could take a look.
Was my comment screened because of reference to self-harm or did you think I was trolling? Because I was mostly upset by the fact that people don't seem to think before that leave nasty comments directed at other people, and I really wasn't exaggerating about how I would have reacted just a few months (hell, even weeks) ago.

They don't care anyway, since their response was to tell me I shouldn't be here. :(

Oh well.
The way the author of this comment has written A/B/O is also offensive slang for Aboriginal Australians. I'm sure it's being done innocently and I don't want to start wank, but it's always a bit of a shock when I come across it this way on meme. Is there a gentle way you could ask people to remember the punctuation?

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as A/B/O follow-up

From: (Anonymous)
(Most of the time it's obvious what the poster (posters) means, but this time, my initial reaction was to think that someone meant a fic along the lines of some of the racist Supernatural fics that have used non-white characters as props for the main characters. (Not saying all SPN fics do that, just that some have and the phrasing in this comment reminded me of those.))
(screened comment)

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This thread is discussing a locked Twitter account. (And I know who they're discussing and that person has been targeted extensively by the fandom troll.)

This comment and the thread aren't going anywhere good.
This comment feels pretty body shaming.

Whoever has such a problem with downjune (and changing dates on fic, if that isn't just the pretext) is at it again.
Caught this while flatmeming. Parenting up it looks like people are poking each other somewhat, but this one seems a bit extra so:
A general conversation about Letang has suddenly taken a turn to speculating about causes of his wife's miscarriage, which seems like it could go bad quickly. Maybe a candidate to freeze?
Made stupid drunk comment, could you pls delete?

OT wank

From: (Anonymous)
Please freeze the Hamilton wank
This seems like someone trying to start spitewank? I think the author they're talking about has gotten trolled in the past, so I'm suspicious.
Hi mod, I appreciate that you want to avoid talk of trolling, but you screened a comment pointing out a lie and let the lie stand, which seems more like it serves the cause of trolling. Can you offer some advice on how to indicate someone is lying without falling afoul of the troll ban, please? I linked to the very obvious evidence that the comment was a lie, and I think accusations of dismissing Zuccarello's injury are really vicious and should not be allowed to stand.

Might be worth a look

From: (Anonymous)

It seems to be getting a little heated.
I feel like whatever is going on in this thread is just someone trying to pick random ass fights.

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It's not too terrible yet, but this is the third similar, repetitive wank in about three days. It's getting old and going nowhere.

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Someone's being a jerk to, presumably, an ESL speaker:
The replies to this seem to have leaped immediately to extreme hostility (and one attacks the original commenter):
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