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This is the mod account for [community profile] dekedangle_rpfanon , an ice hockey rpf anon meme.

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To request a username ban, leave a comment in this thread.

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From: (Anonymous)
Have you given any thought to perhaps having a supplemental post, which you can use in a similar way to the way FFA use the personal post?
Call it say they Thunderdome, and if anons get stuck arguing the equivalent of "No, he's not," "Yes, he is" you can freeze it on the main post, after a few hours or whatever, and tell them to take it to the Thunderdome. That lets the anons in that discussion carry on until their fingers fall off, without it taking over flat view for hours on end. You could even maybe make that unmodded space and just leave them to it.
It's just a thought.
Thank you for your hard work btw.
Would you consider turning off IP logging at some point?

Thank you! :)

Why is IP logging on? I haven't been taking part in any discussions because of the IP logging. It makes me uncomfortable since it's supposed to be an anon meme

Spam Rule

From: (Anonymous)
Reposting my comment from the main thread: can we please expand the spam rule to limit the # of posts one person can make in a short amount of time? I have no issues with a hands off approach to threads and organization, but posting 100+ comments of nothing but fic titles and summaries in less than an hour is straight up spamming and preventing people from actually using the meme in any meaningful way.

PKane talk starting up again

From: (Anonymous)

(is in comments about Jagr - not sure where you're drawing the line for "all discussion related to")

Re: PKane talk starting up again

From: (Anonymous)
I was the anon asking about filtering Kane/Toews. My bad for not realizing "no Kane" included that, I would have just said "there is a pairing that is annoying me, how do I filter it out?" without mentioning names if I had.
If you're going to go on a heavyhanded screening/deleting spree, could you at least screen/delete entire threads? This thing where people want explanations and you leave up the original comment(s) and delete the explanations, or where people act like butthurt babies and you only delete the people pointing out the butthurt is fucking ridiculous.
Please ban discussion of Kane again - I am getting a bad feeling of déjà vu that the arguments over his case are sounding just like what happened at Stickhandled, and that place got so toxic even without protection of anonymity. There is nothing to be gained from the discussions but wank without end, since there are no real answers.
Comment calling a named person names
Would you consider creating an entirely separate post for Patrick Kane discussion once the current post is done? I know that there's no outright reason to ban him, but I think I and other nonnies would appreciate a space where we don't have to come across him unless we chose to. Or even just a post specifically to do with the rape case and repercussions thereof.

IP Tracking

From: (Anonymous)
Out of curiosity, is IP tracking going to be a permanent thing now?

Re: IP Tracking

From: (Anonymous)
Thank you.
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