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Lots of low-level shittiness today.
Did you guys seriously screen a comment re: Holtby and playoff goaltending just because... it was kind of mean and snotty (like a large amount of comments on meme are)? Otherwise it's just a comment pointing out a factual inaccuracy? Some of the reasoning behind what has and hasn't been getting screened seems frustratingly opaque, at best.

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Some Pro-PKane trolling going down
The downjune hateboner nonnie is at it again. FWIW, I know they c/p stuff that they post here to then leave as hate on the author's fics.
And again:

This kinkmeme wank is getting a little out of hand, and it looks like someone from meme followed the link and left a nasty, inappropriate comment on the fill being discussed.
Could you screen some of these comments?
Very distinctive anon all over this thread, dredging up WAG wank and sneering at theladyscribe

Your probably on top of it - this thread & tone is really unnecessary - could you consider screening bits?
The downjune hateboner anon started another thread:
The troll who hates downjune is back again:

Highlights include more WAG wank and speculating that an anon defending downjune must be snickfic.
I've noticed that several top-level comments have gotten deleted, like the first fandom goggles thread this post and the first free agency thread comment. What's up with that?

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Would you consider not unscreening comments here that talk about who the troll is trashing, especially if you're not going to respond to the comments? Like "troll going after so-and-so again." You screen it over there, but then you keep a public record here in the modcalls.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Just a thought. Thanks for considering, and for all your continued hard work.

urgent request

From: (Anonymous)
Please screen this comment: -- someone has disclosed the first name of Patrick Kane's accuser

Another doxxing of P. Kane's accuser...

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There's an appearance wank brewing in the current post

This strikes me as very not okay!
Is there a Kane ban on meme now? That latest comment wasn't trying to start wank.
Just curious, why was the fic discussion thread for like a pop fly dropping from space screened? Would it be ok to make a new one?

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