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linking to an ebay auction?

From: (Anonymous)
The Boston Blades are auctioning off a signed stick to support Denna Laing - is it ok to post that, with a link to the auction?

Re: linking to an ebay auction?

- From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-01-17 11:45 pm (UTC) - Expand
It feels like rule #5 has been getting real lax lately. One example from approximately a week ago
Would it be possible to get IP screening turned on again? I feel like it's about to get nasty with the most recent comments.

things may be getting a bit close to the line in this thread

From: (Anonymous)

Heads up that this looks like it's going straight to the Patrick Kane place:

Oops, I'm sorry, mod, I posted this before realizing it might be in violation of the new Patrick Kane ban. He's not mentioned directly in the post, so there's that, but I guess it violates the spirit of the rule if not the letter. Again, I'm sorry!!
Looks bashing?
Seeing as the Skills comp is tonight and Kane is there, how will that be handled?

(no subject)

- From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-01-30 09:30 pm (UTC) - Expand
Mention of Kane:
Mention of Kane
Is there a reason the whole GDT for Feb 4th is frozen?
IDK if this counts as looks bashing, but:
You know, I did change "redefined a troll as someone who says 'troll'" to "questionable changes to how they define a troll." An overly generous edit, apparently!

(no subject)

- From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-02-16 05:04 am (UTC) - Expand
Is there a backlog of anon comments here? I left one three-four days ago and never saw a reply.

Pointless Post

From: (Anonymous)
Yeah, see, as you've proven again and again, posting a "complaint" to the mod post doesn't do shit if you aren't reporting looks-bashing or some other minor offense. You reiterate your policy, and nothing happens, because by the time you respond the event is already over. Just looking through this thread makes it clear how pointless coming to you about anything serious is. That Kane/Panarin thread was despicable, obvious trolling, and deeply disturbing to a good chunk of the community. And you did nothing. People point out that it's trolling - obvious trolling - and you screen them, and you screen anyone who comments on your inaction, and you let that anon wreck havoc. Meanwhile, you freeze a thread because you disagree that You do a lot of work for this meme, and I appreciate that, but you've messed up too, and the fact that the mods' decisions are the only fandom actions that are immune from meme-based discussion is ludicrous. The fact that your policy files anyone who is capable of noticing where your modding has fallen short as trolls is ludicrous.

I don't have an official complaint to file with you. I already knew what your response was going to be. At the end of the day, freezing/screening is clearly 100% up to your discretion, which, fine, we bring the discourse to your house. It goes against your claim that meme is a community that should figure out how to organize and control itself back during that spamtastic fest thread, but whatever. To say your guests are never allowed to say to each other that the host put too much mint in the punch or that they don't appreciate that you're letting your drunk uncle make an absolute mess is ridiculous.
Troll in the house all up and down this subthread, but specifically here:
I don't object to either of the threads frozen today, but it's a shame some of the sub-threads get frozen. I was interested in both the Claude Giroux in a Moulin Rouge AU and the 20 year old cuddlepile fic, and both subthreads looked to be going fun places. Would it be possible for the mods to freeze only the wanky bits of such threads? Thank you.
As the nonnie who was sad and sorry about the kink meme clusterfuck to begin with, I just wanted to say thanks and and I totally understand. Much love, you're awesome!
Someone trying to start something, and also implying they know who another nonnie is:
Question for the mods re this thread:

Can you explain why you've only frozen (most of) the thread rather than screened the comments with links to deleted fics? A lot of those authors have expressed wishes not to have their fics passed around/made available for download.
I assume this is the same person who's shown up a couple of other times to complain that people are making unfunny jokes. IDK if this falls under something you'd freeze, screen, or delete the fuck out of, but I for one wish you would.

possible troll in the dungeon

From: (Anonymous)

At best, talking about troll behavior, at worst, using meme to bring attention to their own trolling efforts.
I'm not sure if any authors of the deleted k/t fic have reached out, but i'm one of them and some of my stuff is being shared in this thread even though i've specifically requested, more than once, that it not be shared. i've gone through other avenues to have it removed as well, but i'm hoping something can be done about the sharing going on on the meme. private sharing is one thing, throwing things up in a dropbox link is bs.

(no subject)

- From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-03-13 07:04 pm (UTC) - Expand
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